Frequently Asked Questions

What does DivviMap Do Exactly?

The problem with drone maps in the current state of the industry is that they’re meant for highly technical end-users. This poses a problem for everyone attempting to create maps for others, as there are only so many of these end-users who can benefit from technical information. If we can expand aerial map benefits to end-users who aren’t quite as technical, it opens up a much wider market opportunity for drone operators. We’re making maps useful for people who couldn’t effectively use them before.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. All DivviMap plans come with a 20 day free trial. Your account won’t be charged until after that time.

How much does DivviMap cost?
DivviMap subscriptions will start at $50/month, with the option for off-season storage plans at a lower price. This means that when you’re not out mapping, like in the winter, you won’t have to pay full price just so your client’s information can sit there.
Do I pay for DivviMap or does my customer?

DivviMap is meant to add value to your business because it increases the chances of your customers being happy with the work you’re doing, thus, encouraging them to come back for more. Therefore, we’ve found it to be the most fair to, and simplest, to charge the drone operator for DivviMap. This allows you to have greater control over how DivviMap and the content you upload is used by your customer. Of course, you can always chooses to market DivviMap as an added tool, which you can choose to charge a fee for your customers to use, but that is up to you and your billing system.

This seems kind of basic...

We’ve only been building the DivviMap Platform for 4 months. It takes time to make something polished. Yes there will be bugs, and we’d love to hear about them from you at!

I have an idea for a really cool feature! How do I recommend it?

We want to know what you want! That’s what’s been steering DivviMap for the past year. Drone Operators that we’ve been talking with have suggested all sorts of things. Chances are we’ve heard what you’re going to say, sometime in the recent past, but we still want to hear it. The more requests for different things, the more motivation we have to get those features built. Suggest them here!

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